Annual report 2021: All about the (financial) developments of MPF

29 June 2022

On 16 June 2022, the Board of Mars Pension Fund approved the annual report 2021. Do you want to know everything about the (financial) developments of the Mars Pension Fund? View the infographic or read the entire report.

Good financial position

A lot happened in 2021. The negative effects of Covid-19 have disappeared and this results in an increase of our assets compared to the liabilities. To pay out all pensions now and later, we must have more assets than liabilities. In 2021 the assets were 1.9 billion and the liabilities 1.4 billion.

We also see the funding level continue to rise in 2021. At the end of 2021, the policy coverage ratio was almost 130%.

Responsible investment

We are devoting increasing attention to the ESG element in our investment policy, i.e. responsible investment. In the first quarter of 2021, we updated our convictions regarding responsible investment in a policy document. In addition, we signed the UNPRI. This is a United Nations initiative. By signing this, we declare that we agree that responsible investment is important and should be taken seriously.

Transition and changing of the guard

2021 was also the year that we continued to work from home. Despite working from home, we were able to successfully complete the transition from our old pension administrator TKP to our new pension administrator Blue Sky Group. In addition to the change of pension provider, there were also changes in the Board. In 2021, Wim van de Laar stepped down as board member on behalf of the active members and Paul van Beek became his successor in 2022. Judith Vermeulen has joined the Pension Office. As a result, she is now the representative of the employers' side of the Accountability Body instead of the members' side.

What does 2022 look like?

Based on the policy coverage ratio of September 2021, we were able to index as of 1 January 2022. At the end of May, the policy coverage ratio was 137.5%. 

Also in 2022 there are changes in the board. Harry Faassen will step down as board member in March 2022 and join the Accountability Body on behalf of the pensioners. Wim van de Laar was appointed as board member on behalf of the pensioners in 2022.

New chairman Mars Pension Fund

Finally, we have worked on the transition of a new intended chairman, Fred Nieuwland. As of 1 July 2022, I will step down as chairman of Mars Pensioenfonds. I wish Fred and all new members of the Pension Board and Accountability Body every success in the future.