A value transfer: how does it work?

1 August 2022

Are you a new associate of Mars and did you already build up pension with a previous employer? Then you can take this with you to Mars Pension Fund! This is called a value transfer. Whether value transfer is a good choice depends on, among other things, the differences between the schemes and the financial situation of your current and your new pension fund or insurer. You can always first request a no-obligation quotation from us. Then you can decide whether you want to transfer your pension.

How does it work?

Step 1: You request a value transfer yourself. You do this using the value transfer form. On the form you fill in the details of your old pension provider.

Step 2: We request information about your accrued pension.

Step 3: On the basis of the information from the old pension administrator, we calculate the pension capital we can give you on the retirement date. You will see this in the quotation.

Step 4: Now it is up to you to weigh up whether a value transfer makes sense. For this you can make a comparison between your old pension scheme and the new one with us. Use the Pensioenvergelijker for this purpose.

Step 5: Do you agree with the offer? Then we request the capital from the old pension provider.

Want advice on whether a value transfer is right for you?

Mars offers personal consultations in cooperation with a financial adviser from Kröller Boom. You can request one personal consultation at Mars’ expense. You can apply for an interview with a financial adviser from Kröller Boom by sending an e-mail to or by calling them on 033 - 75 05 000. 

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