Pension 1-2-3 Mars Pension Fund

Welcome to the Mars Pension Fund

You are accruing pension with us in the ARP/ASP pension plan. The plan consists of the Associate Retirement Plan (ARP) and the Associate Selection Plan (ASP). This Pension 1-2-3 explains what you receive, and also what you do not. This is important to know, for example if you change your job.

The Pension 1-2-3 does not contain any personal information about your pension. This is available on your personal pension page. There you will find your personal details and documents. Please also post your e-mail address here. You can log in easily with your DigiD.

You can read about our approach to socially responsible investment (ESG) in our investment policy.

What is in layers 1, 2 and 3?

Pension 1-2-3 consists of 3 layers. The first layer gives you a summary of the most important information on your pension plan. If you click on an icon, you enter layer 2, which gives further information on all the subjects in layer 1. Layer 3 gives more detailed information, such as the pension plan rules and the annual report of the Mars Pension Fund. You can also ask for copies of layers 1, 2 and 3 from our Pension Services department at

What does our pension plan give you? (ARP/ASP)

What does our pension plan not provide? (ARP/ASP)

How you accrue pension (ARP/ASP)

What choices do you have? (ARP/ASP)

How certain is your pension? (ARP/ASP)

What are our costs? (ARP/ASP)

When do you have to take action? (ARP/ASP)