Talent Pool Mars Pension Fund

Do you want to get ahead? This is possible at Mars, as well as at Mars Pension Fund (hereafter MPF). Developing oneself is fun and it becomes even more fun with great colleagues. There are plenty of them at MPF. We aim for a diverse mix of young, old, male, female and from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Just as Mars does.

We take the best possible care of your pension and that of your colleagues. Would you like to join us? Via our Talent Pool, you can discover if a role within Mars Pension Fund suits you. For example in the board of Mars Pension Fund, the accountability council or one of the committees of the pension fund.


We are looking for you!

  • Do you want to join MPF to work for a good retirement for your colleagues and yourself?
  • Don’t shy away from (substantive) discussions, in the Talent Pool nor when you will take on a real role at MPF?
  • Do you have a sense of responsibility?
  • Want to learn more about the world behind our pensions and take shared responsibility for a big pot of money?
  • Can you balance the interests of all stakeholders? 
  • Do you master the English language well? Are meetings are regularly held in English.
  • Do you want to work for MPF for at least four years?

What do we offer?

In the Talent Pool, you don't step into the deep end right away. You follow training courses and seminars and attend walk-in sessions to familiarise yourself with pension matters. You will also attend meetings of the Board or the Accountability Council. Finally, as a member of the Talent Pool, you will be assigned a coach.

Work on your skillset

  • Strategic thinking (Perspective) 
  • Your vision on future developments (Business Acumen)
  • Independence (Standing alone)

Experiences from (ex) members of the Talent Pool

Harold van Heesch has been process operator peanut bakery and chocolate room for 31 years and a board member of MPF since 2018. He is married and lives in Schijndel. Harold has two daughters and three grandchildren, and he has diverse interests such as politics, finance and alternative medicine. He is a works council member and thereby secretary of the working conditions committee. Besides all this, he keeps time for his hobbies, such as cycling, fitness and weight training. Harold about his experiences with the Talent Pool: "A former board member piqued my interest in the Mars Pension Fund. From the ASP member group, I progressed to the MPF Talent Pool in 2016. After thorough training, attending board meetings, attending knowledge sessions organised by MPF, and participating in the pension communication committee, I joined the MPF board in 2018. I am now serving my second term. What particularly appeals to me are the many different facets of a pension fund: communication with associates, risk management, the investments, data quality, IT risk, the various bodies to which accountability is required. In short, you never get bored..."

Paul van Beek is Global Engineer Chocolate and a MPF board member since 2022. He lives with his girlfriend, 2 children and dog Leo in Uden, after working for Mars Slough in the UK for several years. Paul likes to spend his spare time on sports or one of his hobbies, such as tennis, projects at home, beer brewing and volunteering. Paul likes to explain his experiences with the Talent Pool: "After several years in the UK , and then fulfilling regional engineering roles from Veghel and Viersen, I eventually switched to Global Engineering. At the time, fellow board member Wim van de Laar made me enthusiastic about the Talent Pool so I decided to become a member in 2019. I was first allowed to participate in the accountability council. At the end of 2020 I was given the opportunity to become a prospective board member. In parallel, I successfully completed the course to become a pension fund board member, after which I was installed as a board member in June 2022 after approval by the Dutch Central Bank. 

Becoming a member of the Talent Pool is done in consultation with your line manager and support from HR, as sufficient time is important to properly carry out both pension tasks and your daily work, as well as having a healthy work-life-balance.

Through my work as a Global Engineer, I bring new perspective, insights and a fresh perspective to how the board does its work. Each board member makes the team more complete through their different backgrounds, expertise and personal experiences. And ultimately, I also take this back to my work as an engineer, where our reciprocity principle comes into full play."

Is this something for you? Then apply!