Your Uniform Pension Overview 2022 is ready in MyMarsPension

30 September 2022

This week you will receive your Uniform Pension Statement (UPO) 2022. The UPO is the annual moment to take a look at your pension and we would like to help you with that! Whether it's by phone, at a pension training or by e-mail, we like to get in touch with you to answer your questions about your pension. Choose how you want to contact us.

You can find your UPO in MyMarsPensioen under My documents.

We need your email address!

We also like to be in contact with you! And we prefer to do that by e-mail. An e-mail is better for the environment and cheaper! Have you already given us your e-mail address? Log in to MyMarsPensioen and give us your e-mail address.

Frequently asked questions

Last year on the UPO, you saw everything about your ARP account first and then the ASP portion. This year, that's different. The amounts you see at, for example, "what pension can you expect?" and "what will your (possible) partner and (possible) children get if you die?" are the ARP and ASP portion added together.

On the UPO, you will see the state of 1 January this year. As a result, you won't see, for example, salary changes made after 1 January. In the pension planner you can see the current status of your pension.

Your UPO is based on the data known to us on 1 January of this year. It is possible that something has changed in your personal situation after January 1. These changes are not processed on this years' UPO. They are only visible on your UPO of next year.

Your pension can go up or down because of various developments beyond your control. To give you more insight into this, you will find three scenarios on your UPO. The amounts you see there are recalculated every year on the basis of inflation, interest rate developments and investment returns. The rules for making the calculations are determined by the Dutch Central Bank (DNB).

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