Accountability Council is looking for candidates on behalf of pensioners

2 April 2024

Mars Pension Fund is looking for a new member for its Accountability Council, on behalf of the pensioners. Current member of the council and chairman Ad van Gestel would like to stay on for another term, but you can also apply as a candidate!

The Pension Board is accountable for its policy to the Accountability Council. The employees, pensioners and the employer are represented in the Accountability Council. Each of these groups is represented by 2 members. 

Ad van Gestel has been on the council of Mars Pension fund representing the pensioners since 2014 and has also been the council’s chairman for 7 years. On 30 June, his current term expires. He is happy to make himself available for another term. You can read more about Ad below. We also welcome new candidates for this position. You can read the job profile here.

Talent Pool
Mars Pension fund sets high standards for the Accountability Council. The Accountability Council ultimately assesses the policy of the pension fund. To ensure that suitable candidates are ready, Mars Pension fund trains its own candidates. We do this by means of the Talent Pool. There are currently no pensioners available from the Talent Pool. 

Ad van Gestel
Ad (62) joined Mars in November 1987 as a management trainee. Throughout his 26-year career, Ad has worked from Veghel and Slough for R&D, Supply and Mars University. 

Why Ad?
Ad has long had an above-average interest in the subject of pensions and started serving as an Accountability Council member shortly after his pre-retirement on 1 July 1 2014. He now has almost 10 years of experience, the last 7 of which he has served as Chairman of the council.

Ad is highly motivated to use his experience to help achieve the best possible transition to the new pension system for all of Mars Pension Fund's stakeholders.

The combination of his experience and motivation make Ad a suitable candidate for reappointment to the Accountability Council.

Do you object or are you qualified yourself? 
Do you object to the possible reappointment of Ad as a representative of the pensioners? Please send an email to on 15 May, 2024 at the latest, explaining why you object to this appointment.

Would you like to apply yourself?  
You can check if you meet the requirements of the job profile. Send your motivation and CV on 15 May, 2024 at the latest, to

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