25 November 2022


AOW-age to be raised by three months in 2028

The AOW-age will be raised to 67 years and three months in 2028. For the years 2024-2027, the AOW-age will remain at 67 years.

3 October 2022


Interest rate 2nd half 2022 ARP plan

The interest rate for the second half of 2022 has been set.

30 September 2022


Your Uniform Pension Overview 2022 is ready in MyMarsPensioen

This week you will receive your Uniform Pension Statement (UPO) 2022. The UPO is the annual moment to take a look at your pension and we would like to help you with that!

29 September 2022


The people behind the pension fund: Wim van de Laar

The board of Mars Pensioenfonds consists of people who work for Mars or have done so in the past. But who are its members? This article is all about board member Wim van de Laar.

25 August 2022


The new pension rules explained on

Would you like to know more about the new pension rules? On 25 August the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment launched the website

16 August 2022


Paid parental leave and your pension

As of August 2nd parents will receive paid parental leave for 9 times the working time per week. But are there consequences for your pension?

8 August 2022


Postponement of new 'Lump sum' option

The consideration and effective date of the bill that allows you to take part of your pension in one lump sum at your retirement date has been postponed. The proposed effective date is now 1 July 2023. With this new option, you can take a maximum of 10% of your retirement pension in one lump sum.

1 August 2022


A value transfer: how does it work?

Are you a new associate of Mars and did you already build up pension with a previous employer? Then you can take this with you to Mars Pension Fund! This is called a value transfer.

29 June 2022


Annual report 2021: All about the (financial) developments of MPF

On 16 June 2022, the Board of Mars Pension Fund approved the annual report 2021. Do you want to know everything about the (financial) developments of the Mars Pension Fund? View the infographic or read the entire report.

21 June 2022


William van Ettinger steps down as chairman

After 25 years as chairman of Mars Pension Fund, William van Ettinger is stepping down on 1 July 2022.