Certain statutory contributions are withheld from your gross pension benefit, namely income tax and social insurance contributions and your contribution under the Healthcare Act.

Income tax

Tax rates at 1 January 
The tax rates were adjusted with effect from 1 January, and this change affects the net amount of your pension benefit. Go to the Tax & Customs Administration website to see the rates that apply to you. We calculate the amounts that we have to withhold from your gross pension benefit on the basis of these new tax rates. The exact amounts that we withhold are shown in your pension specification.

Your tax return for 2023
If you have another income in addition to your pension from Mars, be aware that you may have to pay additional tax as a result of your 2023 tax return. Or, that you may receive a smaller tax rebate than you expect. This is because you might come into a higher tax bracket. Go to the Tax & Customs Administration website for more information.

Your annual statement 2023
Did you receive a pension from us in 2023? You will find your annual statement for 2023 in My documents in MyMarsPension. It shows how much pension you received from us in 2023 and how much tax and premiums were paid.

Social insurance contributions

How much do you pay for your healthcare insurance?
There are two elements in the costs of your healthcare insurance.

  • You pay a fixed premium directly to your healthcare insurer.
  • You also pay an income-related contribution (your contribution under the Dutch Healthcare Act, or Zvw). The higher your income, the higher your contribution will be. We deduct this from your pension benefit.

The Zvw contribution you have to pay has been lowered to 5,32% (was 5,43% in 2023)

  • You pay this contribution from your AOW pension and your pension benefit.
  • The income on which you pay your Zvw contribution is capped at € 71,628 in 2024. If you receive multiple pensions or benefits and your total income is thus higher than the maximum income, the amount of Zvw contribution deducted will be too high. You receive the excess amount deducted later from the Tax & Customs Administration through your tax return.

AOW en WAO/WIA-uitkering

Are you receiving state retirement pension (AOW) as well?
If you are also receiving AOW pension from the government, be aware that the amounts of AOW pension change every year. The amount of AOW pension you receive depends on your personal situation. The amounts of AOW payable are shown on the website of the Social Insurance Bank (Sociale Verzekeringsbank, or SVB).

If you are not yet receiving state retirement pension (AOW)
The age at which you receive AOW pension depends on your date of birth. You can calculate the age at which you will receive AOW pension at

Are you receiving WAO or WIA benefit as well as pension?
The Employment Insurance Agency (the UWV) has adjusted these benefits with effect from 1 January. The amounts of WAO and WIA benefit are shown on the UWV website.