Who is responsible for supervision and monitoring?

Internal monitoring

The Accountability Body has the task of critically examining the policy of the pension board and advises on matters such as the communication strategy, the complaints and disputes procedure and the board's remuneration. In so doing, it focuses specifically on the interests of the stakeholders and on whether these interests are sufficiently considered by the Board of Trustees.

The Accountability Body includes equal numbers of representatives of the members, the employer and the pensioners. You can read the opinion of the Accountability Body in the annual report.

Members of the Accountability Body

Daniel Ammermann and Sandra Kleijbeuker on behalf of the employers, Eric van Deijck on behalf of the participants and Ad van Gestel, Chairman VO and Harry Faassen on behalf of the pensioners.

The Supervisory Board supervises the policy of the Board of Trustees and the general course of events in the fund. The Supervisory Board pays specific attention to risk management in both the short and long term. The Board is required by law and its members must be independent of the Mars Fund, so by definition they are external persons.

Members of the Supervisory Board

Paul de Koning (Chairman), Falco Valkenburg, Esmé Wiertz.

There are three key functions: the Risk Management function, the Internal Audit function and the Actuarial function. The key functions have a controlling task within the pension fund in their area of focus. The holders of the key functions have final responsibility for the tasks of their key function.

The Risk Management function

This function ensures that the board has an overall view of the risks to which the pension fund is exposed. The key function holder Risk Management assesses and monitors the risk management system and advises the Board of Trustees on how to manage the risks. The key function holder has an independent position within the pension fund. Board member Paul van Bree is the key function holder for risk management.

The Internal Audit function

The Internal Audit function performs targeted investigations (audits) to assess the operation of the pension fund's internal control measures and procedures. The Internal Audit function is therefore the final link in ensuring that the pension fund operates in a controlled and ethical manner. The key Internal Audit function holder is Ryan de Waard, an external specialist.

The Actuarial function

The actuarial key function assesses and monitors the correct calculation of the pension fund's (financial) liabilities and provisions. Rene van de Meerakker of WillisTowersWatson is the actuarial key function holder. He is also the certifying actuary of the pension fund. 

The Compliance Officer checks whether the Board of Trustees complies with the Code of Conduct and whether the Board of Trustees recognizes the consequences of (changing) legislation and regulations in good time. This position is held by Paul van Bree with the support of a legal advisor.

External audit

De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) monitors the financial set-up of the pension fund and the expertise and integrity of its managers.

The Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) monitors the pension fund's communication with its members.

The external auditor is PricewaterhouseCoopers Accountants N.V.

The controlling external actuary is Willis Towers Watson.