Satisfaction survey announcement

30 January 2023

Your opinion is important to us. That is why we periodically conduct a satisfaction survey. You will receive an invitation for the Mars Pension Fund satisfaction survey around the 2nd of February.

Why is participation important?
We would like to know from you what is going well and what we can do better. With your feedback, we can further improve our services. Will you help us by taking part in this survey?

Paul van Beek, Global Engineer & board member Mars Pension Fund: "Our main goal is and remains providing a good pension for our associates. So use your voice!  The influence you have now, the voice you use now, will be reflected in your pension fund."

Who is conducting the survey?
Independent research agency MWM2 is conducting the survey. They do this together with their partner in IT: Crowdtech.

What happens with the results of the survey?
Later this year, we will let you know the outcome of the survey and what we will do with it.