Paid parental leave and your pension

16 August 2022

From Aug. 2, 2022, a new law went into effect and you are entitled to 9 weeks of paid parental leave after the birth of your child. 

Parental leave is not new. As a parent, you are entitled to 26 weeks of unpaid parental leave during the first 8 years of your child's life. Part of those 26 weeks is now paid parental leave. As a parent, you get 9 weeks of parental leave in the first year of your child's life with UWV benefits equal to 70% of your daily wage. 

Does paid parental leave affect my pension?
Paid parental leave does not affect your pension. Your pension accrual remains 100%. 

Are you employed by Mars and would you like to know more about (un)paid parental leave?
Please check MyP&O and read the policy on (paid) parental leave here.

Do you, as a (new) parent, want to know what is arranged for your children? 

Log on into MyMarsPension

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